New Zealand Workplace Insights Programme

19 June 2017

Dolphin Yu took part in our 2016 pilot programme

Want to help an international student?

Are you an alum with up to 10 years’ work experience post-graduation? Would you like to reconnect with the University of Auckland in a meaningful way and meet some interesting students and other alumni along the way? NZ Workplace Insights, a programme for first-year international students that helps them gain a deeper understanding of the NZ work environment, needs alumni volunteers!

What it involves:

  • Time-frame is 1 August – 26 September 2017.
  • A casual social occasion on 1 August at Old Government House (OGH) where you will meet fellow alumni and the students.
  • A couple of hours of your time to spend your student about your career journey and possibly show them around your workplace.
  • A low-key debriefing and celebration event at OGH on 26 September after the programme has concluded.


What’s in it for you?

  • Enjoy a rewarding volunteer experience
  • Serve as a role model 
  • Build relationships and connect
  • Learn about the University of Auckland student experience of today.

Want to read a first-hand account?

MBA graduate Dolphin Yu participated in our 2016 pilot programme targeted to first-year international students and detailed his experience in This article

If you’d like to sign up for this rewarding programme please email us at before 14 July.