Raising the Bar Event as iCalendar

29 August 2017


20 talks. 10 bars. 1 night.

After an incredible run across the globe in cities like London, New York and Hong Kong, we are delighted to bring you the Auckland edition of Raising the Bar on 29 August! 

This wonderful event gives you the opportunity to hear some big ideas and challenging concepts, all within the relaxed settings of some of Auckland’s best bars.


See all the talks below at a glance!




Speaker 1 - 6.30pm

Topic 1

Speaker 2 - 8pm

Topic 2


Fort St Union

Lvl 1, 16 Fort Street

Dr Ronald Kramer

Waging war against graffiti and its limits: The resillient nature of creative deviance

Dr Deb Shepherd/Jamie Newth

Why Social Entrepreneurship Matters: Getting real about a future of profit AND purpose


Mezze Bar

9 Durham St East

Prof Darl Kolb

Better than smart: Life among the robots

Dr Davinia Caddy

A View to a Kill or The Death of the Music Critic


The Gin Room

12 Vulcan Lane

Jasmine Plows

Could improving maternal health help to curb obesity?

Assco Prof Treasa Dunworth

Stand Proud Nuclear Free Aotearoa


The Golden Dawn

134 Ponsonby Road

Godfrey de Grut

How to build Pop songs

John Montgomery

What can the brains of sharks tell us about ourselves?


Three Brothers

153 Ponsonby Road

Prof Shaun Hendy

Science! You'll never believe what happened next

Dr Malvinder Singh-Bains

How can we break down the barriers to health communication?


Vodka Room

5 Rose Road

Prof Alexi Drummond

Darwin's Computer

Prof Bryony James

A party in your mouth? Its just mastication.


The Oak Room

17 Drake Street

Dr Siouxsie Wiles

From Glowing Grubs to Superbugs: the quest for new medicines

Dr James Russell

Simply the Pests


The Birdcage

133 Franklin Road

Prof Tracey McIntosh

Imagining a world without prisons

Assc Prof Peter O'Connor

So why do terrorists want to kill us?


Tom Tom Bar & Eatery

27 Drake Street

Jim Hefkey

Getting it up in Space-How hard can it be?

Dr Thomas Gregory

Drones and the Politics of Killing


Sweat Shop

7 Sale Street

Dr Lindsay Diggelmann

Fighting for God: Religious conflicts in the Middle Ages and the Twenty-First century

Carlene Newall de Jesus

Cant Dance/Wont Dance? Move Your Thinking!