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Optometry Clinic

We welcome our alumni to the University of Auckland Clinics

If you or your family are having trouble with your hearing or sight, want to consult a dietician, exercise physiologist or speech-language therapist, have you thought about The University of Auckland Clinics? They offer expert research-led advice and services at affordable prices through their specialised teaching clinics.

Help a student learn through our teaching clinics

The University of Auckland clinics are teaching clinics. That means that the services are provided by our students who are always supervised by expert health professionals. By visiting the clinics you will not only receive a high standard of service, but you will also be helping a student learn.

The clinics provide a real-world opportunity for students to put into practice what they’ve learned in the classroom. Students are supported and guided through their clinical practice by highly experienced tutors, who will be supervising all students as they develop their professional skills.

The students are participating in health programmes offered by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Science.

You’ll experience the benefit of receiving assessment and treatment services from both the student and their supervisor.


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